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Mike Raisch

Mike Raisch has always been passionate about the strange and creative, so it goes without saying that he and Halloween go together like a lock and key. With the help of family and friends, Mike first organized a Haunted Backyard at the age of 13 and gave all the proceeds to charity. The haunted attractions continued every Halloween season from then on, even throughout college at SUNY Fredonia where he produced Terror In The Trees. Mike graduated in 2010 with his own, self-designed degree in Halloween Entertainment Business. He recently obtained a MS in Creative Studies from Buffalo State. After a lot of dreaming, Mike, along with best friend and fellow creator Caitlin Wingrove, finally launched Dark Labyrinth Entertainment. Their maiden voyage, Project Z, was a success and grows more elaborate with each project. Dark Labyrinth is now renting out their experience to private parties and traveling to festivals.

Haunt Experience:

Haunted Backyard (2001 - 2005 Charity Haunt)

Terror in the Trees (2007-2009 SUNY Fredonia)

Fright Fest (2010 with Six Flags Darien Lake Theme Park)

  • 3D Audio Sensory Experiences:

Project Z (2013 with District of the Dead & Final Fear)

Joy Factory (Holiday 2013 with District of the Dead & Final Fear)

Bust a Buffoon (2014 with District of the Dead & Final Fear)

Bust a Buffoon Holiday (2014 with District of the Dead & Final Fear)

The Time Capsule (2015 in Mike's Driveway)

Echelon (2016 with Scream Central)

Shadowscape (2017 Mobile Experience)